Darren comments on 2050 zero. net emissions pledge

12th June 2019:

Darren said:

Today’s announcement from the Prime Minister is a hugely important milestone in our nation’s fight against climate change and offers a crucial opportunity for the UK to become a world-leader on tech and innovation to reduce emissions, plastic waste, re-think food production and ultimately protect the planet’s resources.

The commitment, to be made in an amendment to the Climate Change Act, will make the UK the first member of the G7 group of industrialised nations to legislate for net zero emissions – that’s a massive step in the right direction and one which we should be rightly proud of.

This commitment has been made because of cross-party efforts, supported by environmental groups and activists, over many months and years, including direct calls on the Prime Minister to act.

I am however concerned to hear that our net zero emissions could be achieved, in part, through ‘international carbon credits’, which environmental groups say only shift the burden to developing nations that have less infrastructure and regulations to cope. These offset schemes are prone to failure and aren’t cost effective. The Committee on Climate Change have been clear they shouldn’t be used.

I also think we could, and should, be more ambitious about the timescales. Norway and Finland are both looking at dates within the 2030’s – if we’re serious about tackling climate change, we should be aiming lower than 2050“.

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