Agriculture Act and Environment Bill: Video Briefing and Zoom Event.

Agricultural and Environmental policy has long been high priority policy areas for Bristol and the South West region. Over the past months, constituents have made their voice heard with concerns about the limitations and risks involved in the upcoming Environment Bill and 2020 Agriculture Act. To facilitate this important debate and inform constituents, Darren will be hosting a Zoom briefing exclusively for Bristol North West constituents in April. Darren will be joined by Luke Pollard, Shadow Secretary of State for Agriculture, for this briefing to share his expertise.

If you are interested in how UK legislation, food standards, climate change, Brexit,  animal welfare and the agricultural industry interacts, please book a slot to join Darren and Luke on April 4th. This event is for anyone that is looking to learn a bit more about this policy area, so anyone from novice to expert is welcome.

Speaking on the use of Cruiser SB neonicotinoids and the Labour amendment to the Environment Bill to protect bee populations, Darren said:

Since we left the European Union, the Government decided to give an Emergency Authorisation for a chemical known as Cruiser SB (neonicotinoid) as a seed treatment for sugar bees… The reason we don’t like these is that we don’t think they protect the environment as well as using other forms of available pesticides and there is a particular issue for what this might mean for our bee population.

Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem, not least because of the way they fertilise so many of our crops. And the bee population has been declining anyway, around the world, for many years. So we obviously don’t want to use pesticides that will have a particular detriment to bees populations… So it’s vital that we protect this population both in its own right but also for our agricultural purposes.