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Darren questions Government over arms sales to Saudi Arabia

In light of the concern over the use of UK made weapons by Saudi Arabia in the Yemen, Darren raised a question with the Department for International Trade. The Department is responsible for making risk assessments for the purpose of handing out licences to UK businesses to export weapons. Darren asked:  To ask the Secretary of […]

Darren looks in Government Digital Services on Science and Tech Committee

The Science and Technology Committee, which Darren sits on, is currently holding an inquiry into the progress of Government Digital Services. Government Digital Services is aimed at developing the use of digital services across Government. Darren asked two witnesses to the inquiry, Tom Loosemore, Partner at Public Digital, former Deputy Director of the Government Digital Service […]

Darren writes to Health Secretary on Dementia funding

The Government has an upcoming Green Paper on Social Care, which will include proposals on how to pay for caring for a growing elderly population. Given the Prime Minister’s previous proposal of a ‘Dementia Tax’, Darren wrote to the Health Secretary to ask that future funding is as fair as possible.

Darren quizzes academics over public R&D spending

The Science and Technology Committee, of which Darren is a member, is currently holding an inquiry into the balance and effectiveness of research and innovation spending. The inquiry is trying to find how the UK can spend public R&D money best, as well as some other linked issues. As part of this inquiry Darren asked […]

Darren calls for net zero emissions target

Darren was one of 143 MPs to sign a letter to the Prime Minister encouraging her to adopt a target of net zero greenhouse gases by 2050. The letter comes in a time of increasing concern around climate change, after the UN announced that we have 12 years to prevent irreversible climate change catastrophe. As […]