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Darren calls for net zero emissions target

Darren was one of 143 MPs to sign a letter to the Prime Minister encouraging her to adopt a target of net zero greenhouse gases by 2050. The letter comes in a time of increasing concern around climate change, after the UN announced that we have 12 years to prevent irreversible climate change catastrophe. As […]

Darren Hosts Debate on Climate Change

Darren hosted Parliament’s first debate on climate change since the launch of the UN’s report stating that we only have 12 years to prevent catastrophic damage due to climate change. The report received global attention, but was not put forward for debate by the Government. With the help of Zac Goldsmith MP, Darren successfully applied […]

Darren Hosts Debate on Factory Farming

Darren hosted a debate on Factory Farming in the UK. Factory Farming is the practice of farming many animals in close confinement, leading to animal welfare, environmental and human health issues. In his speech during the debate Darren described the way in which Factory Farming is so harmful, and laid out how Brexit could make […]

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Darren seeks clarity over post-Brexit digital economy

Data is vital to the day to day running of Britian’s economy, and so is the flow of data with other countries including other EU member states. With this in mind Darren used a UK Parliamentary European Committee concerning data to seek clarity over post-Brexit arrangments for data flows with other countries. You can hear […]