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Muller Road proposals – How to make your views and suggestions known.

Muller Road proposals – How to make your views and suggestions known. Bristol City Council have recently launched a public consultation on proposals to improve public transport routes and pedestrian safety along Muller Road. Full details of the online consultation can be found here. The consultation is live until Sunday 7th April, I will be […]

Policy Pod 4: Votes at 16

At 16 you’re allowed to join the army and to get married. Should you be allowed to vote? On Policy Pod 4 we discussed Votes at 16, and why this was allowed for the Scottish Independence referendum but not the Brexit one. Policy Pods is Darren Jones’ podcast answering constituents’ policy questions. If you’re a […]

Darren receives response to nursing letter

Darren received a response to a letter he wrote to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care backing the Royal College of Nursing’s demand for £1 Bil of additional cash for nurse training. The response did not indicate plans to meet this demand.

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Darren backs Climate Strike marchers

Writing on Facebook, Darren said: ‪Solidarity with the #ClimateStrike marchers from Bristol and across the country today. You’re right: governments are failing to act urgently enough to climate change. I’ll keep pushing our government in Westminster on your behalf. ✊ 🌍 Our Parliament doesn’t debate climate change enough. Only Anna McMorrin MP and I have been able to force […]