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Darren questions Dominic Raab about Brexit

Dominic Raab MP, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, attended European Scrutiny Committee to give oral evidence about Brexit. Darren, who is a member of the committee, asked him how he could guarantee safe security arrangements with the EU after Brexit. Darren also asked how Brexit could happen, given it is based on […]

Darren shares his views on the ongoing crisis in Western Sahara

The Moroccan monarchy has occupied Western Sahara since the 1970s. Many original inhabitants of this area and their descendants have long been seeking self-determination. There is widespread concern that Morocco is committing human rights abuses here, and economically exploiting the region. Furthermore, there has not been a referendum on the self-determination of the region during […]

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Darren signs letter calling for Social Housing green paper to be published

1.16 million households are on Social Housing waiting lists, but the Government have delayed their publication of a Social Housing green paper. With private rentals increasingly expensive this is urgently needed. Darren signed a letter calling on the Government to provide details of when this will be published. He was one of 35 strong, cross-party […]


Darren asks experts whether social media and screens harm children

Darren was present at the Science and Technology committee’s third evidence session for its Social media and screens-use inquiry. Here, charities, learned societies and academics were asked about cyber-bullying, addiction and body image. The first set of witnesses was Anna Clark, Cardinus Risk Management, Dr Vicky Goodyear, Lecturer in Pedagogy in Sport, Physical Activity and […]

Darren writes to Government calling for review into 16-17 year old children’s services

The Government are reviewing children’s services for 16-17 year olds. Children’s services provide extra support to vulnerable children. However, they are only reviewing these services in relation to education outcomes. But we know outcomes are worse across employment and health outcomes as well. That’s why Darren wrote to the Government to ask they extend the […]

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Darren signs food insecurity letter

Food insecurity is a widespread problem in the UK, with the Trussell Trust alone seeing a million people at its food banks a year. However, there are no statistics on exactly how many people are struggling for food for how long. To tackle the problem we need to know how widespread it is, so Darren […]


Darren asks experts about the dangers of Energy Drinks

The Science and Technology Committee are currently holding an inquiry into energy drinks. They are looking at the effect of these drinks on health, particularly of young people and children. Darren asked a mixture of industry representatives and regulators about the advertisement of these drinks. He firstly asked about the effect of caffeine, which is […]

Darren writes to Government on Deaf Children cuts

Deaf Children rely on public services to learn to communicate and support them at school. These services are already at breaking point, and are going to be cut by £4 million. Darren wrote to the Government minister responsible for these services to ask that he meet with the National Deaf Children’s Society to discuss the […]