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Darren speaks to BBC Bristol about Blaise Castle Parking

Bristol City Council are currently consulting on the introduction of a £2 per day parking charge for Blaise Castle estate’s car park as well as a traffic order to restrict parking on nearby roads in and around Blaise Hamlet and Henbury.

You can find more information on the proposals here. The deadline for responses to the council is 29th June.

Following hundreds of comments from constituents about the matter, Darren spoke to BBC Bristol:


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  1. Doug Nethercott
    Doug Nethercott says:

    It’s all about money and not local residents parking. There are many dog walkers and people who pull in to eat their sandwiches etc who will not pay £2, and why should they. It is not really a place where people sornd all day. Bad parking can be policed as a separate issue. Keep the car park FREE.

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