Bristol Foodbanks prepare for winter.

Darren met with Bristol North West Foodbank to understand what support is needed for the winter ahead.

Foodbank usage has increased dramatically during the Coronavirus pandemic with over 100,000 people using a foodbank for the first time between April and June of this year.

Darren spoke with the manager of the Bristol North West Foodbank, Emma, who explained the extra steps they have been taking to prepare for increased demands during colder months. They also spoke about the tremendous community effort to make food available for children over the holidays, following the high profile Free School Meal campaign.

This year, thanks to group effort made by existing and new volunteers, kind donations including refrigeration units and closer partnerships with supermarkets, Bristol’s foodbank system has become more robust. Bristol North West now processes up to 50 tonnes of food per week, up from 2 tonnes per week last year.

By working with local champions to drop off food where it is needed, the foodbank has become more accessible to those that might otherwise avoid going, including older people that live alone.

Darren committed to pressing the Government to tackle child poverty in their upcoming budgets. He also will be helping Bristol’s foodbank’s campaign to reach those that need help this winter but are reluctant to ask.