Since my election, I’ve been working really hard to bring politics as close to my constituents as possible. My coffee mornings, pub politics and weekly Facebook Live events have proven really popular, and constituents have fed back that they like having a bit more detail in explaining why something is the way it is.


So I’ve launched a new podcast, called Policy Pods, which will answer questions from constituents in a bit more detail.


You might want to know why the buses are always late, or why fax machines have been banned in the NHS. Maybe it’s a question about housing or the roll out dates for universal credit?


Regardless of whether it’s a local or national issue, if you have a question then please let me know on e-mail (


On Friday 12th April I will be hosting a special Policy Pods Live event in Horfield. The theme of the recording will be climate change. Come along to see the podcast recorded and you might even be able to ask myself and the panel a question – please click the link above to reserve your ticket!


We can’t promise to answer every question, and we can only do this for constituents, but we hope it’ll be an innovative way for you to get involved in public policy through your MP.


And let us know what you think by leaving a review on our podcast pages!


Listen to Policy Pod 1: Introduction here

Listen to Policy Pod 2: Vital Brexit Deadlines here

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