Darren restates support for People’s Vote

In light of a House of Commons motion for a People’s Vote, Darren explained his position in terms of being for a People’s Vote and how we can get to one being held.

He wrote the following on Facebook, with the below letter:

My constituents know I’m committed to a People’s Vote and that I’ve been 100% committed to it at every vote. But I trust the guidance from the official People’s Vote campaign and from Peter Kyle MP / Phil Wilson MP that voting for (h) today puts it all at risk.

I hope that my constituents will trust my political judgement on this and I’ll be explaining why on my Facebook page after votes tonight. We have a real opportunity to secure a People’s Vote next week. I can’t put that at risk.

Here’s why:


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Darren speaks to Channel 4 about Brexit and Bristol

Darren welcomed Channel 4 to Bristol to discuss his work on Brexit in Bristol North West and his views about what should happen next.


Darren states Brexit amendments position

Today, the Prime Minister brought a Brexit statement to the House of Commons to be voted on. Darren was asked to comment on it on BBC Points West, and used the opportunity to state his support for a number of amendments to the statement.


Darren speaks out against anti-immigrant Immigration Bill

The Immigration Bill will set out the ending of Freedom of Movement and outline new arrangements for those who are currently covered by it. Darren criticised it for being anti-immigrant; he spoke about how the bill fails to provided for a welcoming environment for immigration, gives the Government undue power and fails to set out a positive vision for the country.


Darren demands People’s Vote in light of Airbus concerns

Airbus employ 14,000 people in the UK, including 3,000 at Filton near Bristol. Today their chief executive criticised the UK Government’s handling of Brexit, calling it “a disgrace”, and saying that there was a possibility of them moving out of the country. That would have implications for hundreds if not thousands of Bristolians, damaging the network of manufacturing businesses in the area.

The matter came to Parliament in an urgent question, and Darren criticised Brexit’s impact on jobs and called for a People’s Vote.

Pre-Meaningful Vote Brexit Survey Results

Prior to the Meaningful Vote, Darren Jones, MP for Bristol North West, asked constituents to complete a survey about their views on Brexit. For those who wished to discuss their view face to face or share their hopes and concerns in their own words, Darren also held six Brexit Briefings, including one online, and received thousands of emails, campaign postcards and letters. The consensus from the emails and letters received was in tandem with the results below.

Several constituents have asked what the survey results showed. Darren has therefore put together the below briefing which sets out the headline results. The survey was completed by over 1,100 constituents.

  • Over, 44% of respondents were 55 or older. 38% were aged between 35 and 54. 15% were aged 18 to 34.
  • 77% of respondents wanted to remain in the EU, 10% wanted to leave with a ‘hard Brexit’ (no deal) and 12% wanted to leave with a soft-Brexit (a deal).
  • 77% of respondents wanted a so-called People’s Vote on the final deal, 18% did not and the rest were unsure.
  • 70% of respondents wanted Darren to vote against a deal that was not good enough, so we could pause Brexit or hold a People’s Vote. 16% wanted Darren to vote against as ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. 9% wanted Darren to back a deal as they felt ‘any deal was better than no deal’. The rest were unsure.

Darren speaks to Points West about People’s Vote

Following the unsuccessful motion of no confidence in the government, Darren appeared on BBC Points West to discuss next steps on Brexit and to restate his commitment to campaigning for a People’s Vote.

Bristol North West residents share Brexit views

Darren used the Seenit app to gather constituents’ views on Brexit ahead of him casting his vote on their behalf in the Meaningful Vote. The Meaningful Vote is a vote in the House of Commons on whether to accept Theresa May’s Brexit deal.


Darren speaks about Bristol Energy and Brexit on BBC Sunday Politics West

Darren appeared to on Sunday Politics West, the BBC’s main political talkshow for the region, to talk about Bristol Energy and Brexit. On the latter point he discussed the weaknesses of the Prime Minister’s deal and why there ought to be a People’s Vote.

You can watch the full episode here; Darren speaks about Bristol Energy at about 5:37 and about Brexit at around 13:00.

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Darren calls for Met investigation into abuse outside Parliament.

Darren said:

“I am proud to be one of 55 cross-party MPs who have called on the Met to investigate the escalating and disgusting incidents of abuse and harassment from far-right activists outside Parliament.

Yesterday’s shocking scenes of abuse towards Anna Soubry, activist Femi and journalist Owen Jones are appalling. This organised and vocal minority can not be allowed to intimidate and bully others. I don’t care if people voted leave or remain, they can not behave like this and must treat other people with respect”.