Powered by You has Launched!

Darren recently launched his new Powered by You app, a quick way to talk with other people in your communities and get in touch with Darren. Powered by You aims to bring together residents from across Bristol North West, to discuss local and national issues, working together to organise local campaigns and help create change.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up by clicking here, to get an invitation with the download link.

If you would like to get involved with Powered by You offline in your local community, please email, poweredbyyoubnw@gmail.com.

Pictured above: Darren at Ambition Lawrence Weston, launching Powered by You with local residents and members of the Ambition Lawrence Weston team.



Powered by You is a new and innovative community engagement project organised by Darren Jones MP for residents who live in Bristol North West. There will be two strands to Powered By You – an online app and offline community rep meetings. Both aim to increase the community’s voice, connect residents and help support positive local change.

Please note: Darren is not allowed to support or act on behalf of residents who don’t live in Bristol North West. Please only sign up to Powered by You if you are one of Darren’s constituents. If you are unsure if Darren is your Member of Parliament, you can check by clicking here.

To sign-up to Powered By You, and get an invitation to download the app, click here.


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