Darren asks experts about electric vehicles and energy efficiency

In Science and Technology Committee Darren asked industry representatives about electric vehicles charging and energy efficiency.

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  1. Kaz Self
    Kaz Self says:

    Sorry, just caught up with this. It’s great to see you involved in these debates.

    A few brief comments:-
    Electric/hybrid vehicles – We are moving from early adopter to mainstream. Government must fund incentives for upgrading lamposts to charging points & businesesses to install c.p.’s. But ref. hydrogen – how is it produced? Electricity! So need more renewable (or nuclear) electricity for low carbon. And tidal for when wind doesn’t blow/sun doesn’t shine. You seemed sceptical in this debate – look beyond today!

    If you want to see ground source heat pump array, solar roof panels, e.v. cp’s at a local business – visit Rolls-Royce! Apart from the hydrogen issue, a lot of sense talked by panelists. We need to ban microbore in new builds – NOW! My final year project at Uni was a domestic CHP system – umm, 35 years ago! But beware carbon tax that penalises the poor, that’s not socialism.

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