Darren asks Schools Minister to clarify comments made to Bristol Headteachers

Recently. thirteen headteachers from Bristol’s schools wrote to the Government to express their concern over the effect of continued education funding shortfalls. They said that the cuts mean that they will be forced to introduce larger class sizes, lay-off teaching assistants and other support staff, cut down on school trips and free after-school activities, and restrict the number of GCSEs available to study in secondary schools. You can read more about the letter

But the reply from Nick Gibbs, Schools Minister, ignored these concerns. He instead talked about ‘efficiency’ savings. He also used statistics in misleading way, to make it look like the Government is generous in funding education. You can read more about the letter and the minister’s reply here.

Darren, having seen this exchange, decided to write to Nick Gibbs to highlight his concern over the reply:

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