Darren Jones MP asks the Prime Minister about Digital Jobs after Brexit

During the Prime Minister’s statement following the G20 Summit, Darren noted that Theresa May was planning for a “no deal” outcome from Brexit – by negotiating with the World Trade Organisation.

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) is the trading framework with the UK will land on if it crashes out of the EU without a trade deal. And whilst the WTO has worked for goods for many years, it hasn’t been working well for services and digital sector businesses. Falling onto WTO rules would be a disaster for services and digital sector jobs.

Here’s what Darren said:

I thank the Prime Minister for her statement and note her efforts to reform the World Trade Organisation rules in order that they keep up with the services and digital sectors, which are crucial to the British economy. Does she agree that any reform of the WTO rules will take longer than the time we have left before the UK crashes out of EU without a trade deal in 2019?

The Prime Minister answered:

One point of my comments at the G20 was that we need to speed up how the WTO considers these issues. Looking at the trade rules around the digital economy is not being started from scratch; the WTO has been doing it for some time. We just need to ensure that we get on with it and get those rules set.

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