Darren challenges the government over Universities and Defence

In Science and Technology Committee today, Darren asked Government minister Sam Gymiah – Minister for Universities and Science – about two different issues.

Firstly, he asked whether or not universities could really be expected to regulate themselves. Currently, aside from in a few high risk areas universities are responsible for regulating the integrity of their own research. Darren asked whether or not this presented a conflict of interest risk. The minister agreed, and promised to ‘keep looking at’ the issue. But he thought there was ‘no immediate’ need to do anything. You can watch this exchange below:

Secondly, Darren asked when employees of defence companies were going to know about post-Brexit contracts, including contracts for the Galileo satellite project. Currently, security co-operation with the EU after Brexit has not been negotiated, meaning that Britain’s ability to win EU defence contracts is up in the air.  You can watch this exchange here: