Darren receives reply to animal farming concerns

Darren recently held a House of Commons debate on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and their increase in the UK. Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations are where large numbers of animals are kept in relatively confined conditions. They can have negative animal health, human health and environmental impacts.

You can watch Darren’s speech and the Government’s reply in his debate here, and read the Government’s written reply to some of Darren’s concerns below that:

2 replies
  1. Celia
    Celia says:

    Excellent speech Darren. Animal welfare, food production and environmental concerns are very important issues. Thank you for bringing this debate to parliament.

  2. Catherine Harding
    Catherine Harding says:

    Yes, thank you Darren and Kerry for representing my views and sharing my concerns in parliament. Whilst I believe people will never stop eating meat , it is critical that we keep animal welfare concerns at the highest level.

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