Darren shares his views on the ongoing crisis in Western Sahara

The Moroccan monarchy has occupied Western Sahara since the 1970s. Many original inhabitants of this area and their descendants have long been seeking self-determination.

There is widespread concern that Morocco is committing human rights abuses here, and economically exploiting the region. Furthermore, there has not been a referendum on the self-determination of the region during Moroccan rule.

Darren said this about the situation:

It is apparent that human rights violations are taking place regularly in the Western Sahara region, with – for example – many in Western Sahara serving long prison terms after unfair trials for politically motivated offences. I therefore believe urgent and large-scale action against this would be in order, including via the UN. Furthermore, it is clear to me that trade deals are not being made with regard to fair distribution of the Western Sahara’s resources, in particular the EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement. This should end, with foreign countries refusing to enter these trade deals.

Finally, each group of people has the right to self-determination, including those in Western Sahara. That said, Moroccan settlers now constitute a majority in the Western Sahara . With the difficulties this presents, I encourage peaceful dialogue between all sides, in order to determine any independence referendum’s terms. If a resolution is not possible here, then autonomous region status within Morocco is an alternative which is worth exploring.