Darren signed successful Yvette Cooper ‘no deal’ amendment

MP for Bristol North West, Darren Jones signed his colleague, Yvette Cooper’s, amendment to the Finance Bill (page 7 of the link) prior to yesterday’s (8th January 2019) defeat of government in their Finance Bill.

This amendment, which was supported by the majority across the House on 8th January 2019, will prevent the Government implementing the “no deal” provisions of Clause 89 of the Finance Bill without the explicit consent of Parliament for such an outcome.

Darren said:

“If the UK truly wants ‘to take back control’ as was promised to so many voters in the referendum, it is absolutely right MP’s (as representatives of their constituency) have a say on all key decisions. To remove the right of MPs to vote on key provisions as they unfold undermines Parliament and our democracy”.

The amendment would provide three options for the provisions of Clause 89 to come into force:

1 – if the House of Commons has approved a negotiated withdrawal agreement and a framework for the future relationship;
2- if the Government has sought an extension of the Article 50 period; or
3- the House of Commons has approved leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement and framework for the future relationship.