Darren speaks in Meaningful Vote debate

Darren spoke in the House of Commons debate which is taking place before the Meaningful Vote. He spoke about how damaging Brexit would be and how the people deserve a final say on it. You can watch the full speech here:

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  1. Gillian
    Gillian says:

    An impressive and well – constructed speech and fluently delivered. But we had a referendum and, although I voted to remain, the country voted to leave and I respect that. As one of your constituents please support the process by voting in favour of Mrs May’s deal on Tuesday. Our businesses and industries deserve a decision and some stability.

  2. Jan Morris
    Jan Morris says:

    A brilliant speech by Darren! I’m only sorry, that I have only just seen it. I must check this site out more often!

    Having worked for both Rolls Royce and Airbus, I take heed of their views on Brexit and those of other businesses; warning that Brexit will be disastrous for the UK and that job losses and a contraction of our already waning economy will follow.

    We already have full sovereignty in our Parliament – the EU is primarily a trading body, which gives us the best possible terms for worldwide trade. We have full autonomy on our taxes and laws via our own policital system, a matter that the Leave campaigns & the ERG deliberately ‘obsfucated’ or told downright lies about.

    Very sadly, our political system has been subverted and hijacked by dark forces, some of whom are being investigated by the NCA in this country and by the CIA and FBI in the US. Illegal funds from both a local business man and an American based multi-millionaire and even from Russia have been fed into Leave campaigns.

    It almost reads like a Bond film plot, but these are not ‘fake news’ smears, they are the truth. We should be fully enlightened on this skullduggery, once these investigative bodies release their reports.

    In the meantime, in the knowledge of the above, it would not be safe or wise for us to leave the EU under these circumstances.

    Therefore, I totally back Darren’s decision on wanting to remain in the EU, which is based on facts and not fear mongering and is against the wicked subversion of our democracy, which we should all be very worried about.

    Thank you Darren for a very eloquent and knowledgeable speech, which was fact based and not based on the fear and downright lies, fed to us by a controlling right wing press.

  3. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    I wish you were the party leader. I believe that you have listened to your constituents I being one of them and I thank you for that. I understand the comments the lady made before about there has already been a referendum but it was based on lack truth and the full facts. I do not believe anybody in the public has any real understanding of the issues of leaving. That is not condescending but a fact. This is why we employ politicians. How many of the general public read the 500 page agreement? I haven’t and rely on journalists, reporters and MP’s to to do this for me and make my decisions afterwards. I employ 20 staff, apart from 5 who voted upon what I thought was an educated vote after months of reading and watching debates about the fors and against, voted to remain. Two didn’t vote as they were young & didn’t care, 4 asked me what I voted & should they do the same, the rest couldn’t make they’re mind up as they didn’t know about it it but of those, 2 voted to leave as that’s what their partners told them to do! My own father voted to leave, mainly on the immigration issue which had been totally exploited by the likes of Nigel Forage and very soon after regretted it and would have voted to remain if a referendum had happened 6 months ago but now at 90 is so disillusioned he won’t vote at all. In fact it’s made him quite ill and depressed as all the other important issues in the city of Bristol and the world are being overshadowed by Brexit. If ever a selfish government was in power it is this one. They have really divided the country (and families & friends) over this, I have had some seriously passionate debates over it and it has come close to arguments, and why? Because this government was arrogant when they called a referendum as I truly believe they didn’t think it would be a leave win. Instead David Cameron has walked away never to be seen again. What a weak man he turned out to be. Darren you have shown you are not and listen to your constituents, I hope you’re leader shows the same compassion for his members fears and does not put his own ambitions first. I am not sure a general election is what the country needs now either as we need to sort this issue out before we embark on a campaign. I truly believe we should cancel article 50 or at the least postpone the date and have a 2nd referendum with all the facts. The time and money spent on this over the past 2 years could have been far better spent on our communities. I pray we come to a sensible solution quickly before any further damage is done.

  4. Lynne B
    Lynne B says:

    An excellent well thought through speech on the crucial Brexit Vote.If the politicians can’t decide what to do then the country must be asked again now we have clear information. However, a second vote could be equally divisive and would be considered by many to be undemocratic. The first Referendum Vote was a travesty of misinformation on both sides, especially the Leave bus. I passed by Westminster yesterday and I saw the crowd scenes and protesters first hand and was saddened to see a country so divided with numerous factions shouting abuse at each other.

  5. Duncan
    Duncan says:

    Hi Darren, good points well made. I agree, we do (all) know more now than we did two years ago. Just as in a wage dispute, a trade union will take an instruction to negotiate, and then will put the negotiated deal back to the members. No union member instructs their union to negotiate for them and agreed to take the deal unconditionally. At this stage, the clock needs to be stopped (article 50 rescinded, temporarily?) and the public need to be consulted again.

    But, a referendum is a cruel and blunt instrument, and – despite our perspective in the UK – is not the only form of democracy. The way forward now needs to be driven thoughtfully, by insight from a cross section of the country. As already noted on this page, most people will not read or understand the full text of the agreement and so most of us are not really informed enough to make the most thorough judgement. This is why we have MPs.

    So the only way, in my view, of overcoming the current impasse, is to consult the people via a statistically representative Citizen’s Assembly. People are selected according to be genuinely representative of our social/economic/political/cultural society, spend a number of weeks being talked to by experts and government officials about the issues at hand, and after 6-12 weeks come to a consensus. IT WORKS and is in use in many countries around the world.
    The goal should be for the Assembly to produce “the question” for a referendum.

    Please let’s let more light and insight into the debate.

    Good luck – thanks for speaking up.

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