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Darren speaks to BBC Bristol about Avonmouth flies

Darren spoke to BBC Bristol about what might be causing the increase in flies in Avonmouth and nearby areas, and what he’s going to do about it. Listen to the full interview here:


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  1. Robert Hignell
    Robert Hignell says:

    What’s the latest on the fly infestation? I am still plagued by flies on a biblical scale. As a resident of the Avonmouth area for nearly 50 years I’ve never experienced anything like this before, it’s much worse than a few years ago. We need answers and a solution to this horrendous problem.

  2. Sam taylor
    Sam taylor says:

    Hi Robert, Darren has met with local businesses, the council and Environment Agency about this. He’ll be providing a written update to all local residents asap but in the meantime, all residents should report new/on-going issues with flies to the council’s Environmental Health team so they can investigate. If you think/know the flies are coming from a local regulated waste business then please report your concerns directly to the Environment Agency.

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