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Darren comments on caravans on Downs

Darren Jones, MP for Bristol North West, has commented on the large group of caravans and cars that have arrived over this weekend (15th April).

Darren said:

“I am aware of reports of a fairly large group of caravans and cars pitched-up on the Downs near the Funder World Park.

Whilst I fully support any individual’s right to lead the lifestyle they choose – and that right and gypsy and traveller traditions should be respected – camp locations should be within the law and legal traveller sites (such as the transit site in Lawrence Weston) should be used rather than public open space.

I have therefore shared my concerns with the council.

Anyone with concerns about littering, dog fouling and/or noise, should report their concerns to the council so they can assess any impact on the local community and public space“.

The council advised on 15/4/19:

We have started the eviction process to remove the group.

The group have been offered access to the Transit Site in Avonmouth, which they declined. As a result, necessary paperwork has now been completed to apply for a possession order from the courts. This is likely to take two to three weeks to be given if our application is successful. Other action we’ve taken:

• Traveller Sites Officers have visited the group twice this morning and undertook a welfare assessment to check there are no pressing medical needs.
• The police will only intervene if there is a serious breach of the peace or a significant number of serious complaints are made to their 101 phone number.
• We have arranged from Bristol Waste for a large bin to be provided to the group for them to store their waste before this is removed.