Environment and Animal Welfare

The environment is the bedrock of our economy, our security and our well being. Healthy soils, oceans and woodland are vital for our food security, for mitigating and preventing flooding, supporting pollinators and biodiversity more broadly, and storing carbon.

It is therefore vital – should we leave the EU – that we extend all EU environmental rights, standards and protections as a baseline, while introducing more ambitious domestic environmental policy than that guaranteed at the European level.

My Work so Far 

February 2019 – I sponsored an amendment to the Agriculture Bill – to impose prison time of up to 6 months those who knowingly process, transport, sell and consume dog and cat meat.

December 2018 –  I pushed on the Governments decision to reduce, and in some cases remove, financial incentives to purchase ultra-low emissions cars.

October 2018 – I questioned the government decision to reduce financial incentives to purchase electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

September 2018 –  I  challenged the Leader of the House to explain what evidence had been provided, in advance of the decision to remove tolls from the Severn Bridge

September 2018 – I called for a ban of fur imports and an end to dog fighting.

On the 12th November 2018 I held a debate on the scale of concentrated animal feeding operations.

August 2018 – I supported the calls for a marine protected area in the Weddell Sea.

August 2018 –  I voiced my continued concern about the lack of investment in North Bristol’s infrastructure   the impact on air pollution levels following  removal of the Severn Bridge Tolls.

July 2018 – I met with Avon Wildlife Trust at Lawrence Moors and attended a wildlife walk with the Friends of Lamplighters Marsh in Shirehampton.

May 2018 – I wrote to members of the Local Enterprise Partnership and the Mayor of the West of England Combined Authority – Tim Bowles – calling for a £50m transport fund, to help reduce air pollution, gridlock and the reliance on cars.

April 2018 -I called for legislation to reduce plastic pollution.

On the 13th November 2018 I held a backbench business debate on  Climate Change: and Extreme Weather patterns

February 2018 – I met the Environment Agency to talk about flood risk in Bristol North West, tidal energy and regulated industries in the Avonmouth area.

February 2018 –  I supported calls for Westminster to lead the way with a plastic-free parliament.

January 2018 –  I signed a cross-party letter to call on supermarkets to reduce their plastic waste

January 2018 – I hosted a meeting to support the roll-out of district heating in Bristol – district heating would help to reduce use of fossil fuels and fuel poverty.

December 2017 – I called on the Parliamentary Pension Fund to go fossil fuel-free and drop investments in oil, coal and gas companies.

November 2017 – I voiced my support for the European-wide ban on the use of neonicotinoids and protection of bees.

Here I highlight the potential issues of mass migration due to changes in the earth’s climate.