Darren comments on MP Expenses

MP for Bristol North West, Darren Jones has spoke about his expenses claims:

Darren said:

“ Every year some newspapers run a story on MPs expenses. Because I’m the only newly elected MP in Bristol, my expenses are the highest in the city.

That’s because I’m given “start-up” budgets to pay for new IT and a new office. I also bought in consultant staff to get us set up and to carry me over until I recruited a full time team, and I had higher transport costs at the very beginning of my time as an MP because I needed to use a hire car.

My expenses have always been on the transparency page of my website, and I’ve included a link to the full details every month in my monthly e-mails to constituents.

As a consequence of investing in my staff, office, IT and software we were really proud to receive a 90% satisfaction rating from constituents who completed my annual survey in respect of my casework, policy responses and campaigning in Bristol North West.

MPs can either keep their head down when these stories come out, or they can be upfront and honest with people about the costs of being an active Member of Parliament. I will always pick the latter!

Here’s the transparency page of my website if you’d like to look at the detail: www.darren-jones.co.uk/my-expenses”.