Government reply to Darren’s Letter on Blue Belt Initiative

Darren wrote to the Government in order to ask for their views on the Blue Belt Initiative, which aims to achieve establishment of effective Marine Protection Areas around British Overseas Territories. The Government has now replied; you can read Darren’s initial letter below.

This was the contents of Darren’s letter:

As a signatory of the Blue Belt Charter, I am pleased to hear that the Government is championing an increase in the international target for ocean protection, 30% of the ocean protected by 2030.

But this must be underpinned by strong UK action in its own waters. I am concerned that the Government still has much to do to deliver well managed Marine Protected Areas in the Overseas Territories, as well as in polar and international waters.

It is concerning that the Government has still not delivered ‘well managed Marine Protected Areas’ in the Overseas Territories, according to the Great British Oceans organisation. If the Government is serious about this issue, this must change.

I’m particularly worried about the South Sandwich Islands, which host globally significant wildlife, including around 10% of the world’s penguins. These waters lie within the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands MPA, less than 2% of which are currently fully protected.

I’m sure that you, like me, want to see a healthy global environment survive into the future. Please help make sure that this is the case.