Darren opposed Brexit in 2016 and continues to do so. Since his election, he has spoken out against Brexit and to protect his constituents’ freedoms, income and rights.

‘Britain has gone from being one of the fastest-growing economies to one of the slowest. It is blindingly obvious that the main reason is Brexit’


‘A People’s Vote would give people a say’


‘This referendum campaign was fought on the basis of an illegal campaign’


And that’s not all he’s done on Brexit – since June 2017, Darren’s done:

5 ‘Brexit Briefing’ events with hundreds of Bristol North West residents (watch the video here)

39 Votes in Parliament

15,000 leaflets delivered to invite constituent feedback

9 speeches

24 Parliamentary Questions

1950 responses sent to constituent enquiries

1 constituency-wide survey with over 1300 responses

1 constituent invite to take part in video blogs

3 Facebook Live ‘Brexit Briefing’ special/live streams

Hundreds of posts on Social Media to encourage healthy debate and update constituents