Crime and Policing Survey

Dear Resident,

I’ve been getting more and more complaints about crime across Bristol North West. We’ve seen the news coverage of anti-social behaviour leading to arson in Southmead, and the assault of a bus driver in Shirehampton. And I’ve also had an increasing number of complaints about theft from cars and burglary in Westbury, Henleaze and Horfield too.

So I’ve joined police teams in Southmead, and attended local community meetings with residents, and sent out a survey across parts of Bristol North West. I’ve had multiple meetings with our Police & Crime Commissioner both in Bristol and London and the picture is clear: funding cuts from Government is making it harder to keep us safe.

That’s why I supported a letter from the police to the Government setting out the evidence of how our local force is at tipping point and needs more funding now.

I’d rather this came from the Home Office, not from an increase in Council Tax. But the Government has forced our local police to have to suggest a £1 per month increase in your Council Tax to keep our community policing.

Please click here to let me know what you think, by completing survey below.

Thanks as ever,


Darren Jones MP
Member of Parliament, Bristol North West


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