Private Members Bills (2017-19 Parliament)

Each year, Members of Parliament enter a raffle. If they win the raffle they’re allowed to present their own bill to the House of Commons. A private members bill is a draft new law presented by that MP, and not the Government. There are a number of “Friday sittings” each year where MPs can debate and vote on a private members bill. Usually, there isn’t enough time for private members bills to become law but it gives MPs the opportunity to debate an issue they care about. Unless the Government supports a private members bill, MPs who support the Government often “filibuster” the debate (which means they keep talking until time runs out and a vote can’t happen).

Here is the list of private members bills which I have supported so far:

Votes at 16

I supported the bill to lower the voting age to 16, so that 16 and 17 year olds can vote in elections.

  • This bill would lower the voting age for all elections in the United Kingdom to 16