Parliamentary Select Committees

A Select Committee is made up of a group of Members of Parliament from across the different political parties. They scrutinise Government policy in their area of authority (so the Business Select Committee will scrutinise business policy, for example), accept for the Public Accounts Committee which only scrutinises the spending of public money and not the detail of policy decisions.

Select Committees pick areas of interest, call expert witnesses, ask questions of Ministers and publish reports with their findings and recommendations.

I’m a member of the following Select Committees:

Science & Technology Select Committee

The Science & Technology Select Committee is able to look at any area of Government policy that has a science and/or technology component. Here is the list of its current inquiries, with links to the inquiry page.

EU Scrutiny Select Committee

The EU Scrutiny Select Committee scrutinises all matters coming from our membership of the European Union, which seek to impose a law or obligation on the United Kingdom. Whilst the Government pursues Brexit, this select committee will continue to scrutinise EU laws which will become UK law for as long as we remain a member of the EU, in addition to certain documents about the Brexit process. This committee may also play a part in the copying and pasting of EU law into UK law if the UK leaves the EU.

  • Weekly Review of all EU Documents This link will take you to the webpage which provides summaries of the weekly meeting which takes place reviewing EU documents across all areas of public policy.