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Darren updates residents on Stoke Lodge

MP for Bristol North West, Darren Jones has recently met local residents, and separately with staff from Cotham School, to discuss the school’s use of Stoke Lodge green space which would include the erection of a fence, alongside submission of a planning application to erect a new changing room building and works to the existing changing rooms.

Darren said on the ‘We Love Stoke Lodge’ Facebook group on 6th June:

“I wanted to share an e-mail with you as residents, which is exactly the same as the e-mail I’ve just sent to Cotham School.

Dear Residents,

I wanted to drop you a quick note of update on Stoke Lodge playing fields. Since we met, I have met with Cotham School and sought the advice of various stakeholders to assess best practice and guidance.

That has included liaising with planning lawyers and Ofsted (who I have now spoken with), and Bristol City Council and the HSE (who I am still due to speak with). I have also tabled a written parliamentary question to the Department of Education, who I understand from Ofsted is the direct “regulator” of Cotham School.

In doing so, I’m seeking to bring together the views I’ve heard from both Cotham School and my constituents with impartial advice from relevant organisations. Once I have finished that process I will write to you with the advice I have received, my initial conclusions and any suggested recommendations I might be able to make on how to get the best outcome for both the school and for local residents. I hope to be able to do that within the next week or two (depending on when I get the answer to my written parliamentary question).

If you have any further questions in the meantime, please do come back to me.

Best wishes


Darren Jones MP
Member of Parliament, Bristol North West
www.darren-jones.co.uk | fb.com/darrenjonesmp | @darrenpjones
Your Voice in Parliament. Your Champion in Bristol”.

2 replies
  1. Louise Hills
    Louise Hills says:

    Thank you for your email regarding stoke lodge playing fields. I am a local resident and use the open space many times a week all year round. Please question the bigger picture, why does the area need a fence, no one has ever been attacked etc. Once a fence is in place, what next. I believe Bristol university have a interest in the land too.
    We have lost 2 areas of open space to housing in the last few years. The community uses stoke lodge so much, please let it stay as a open space with no fence

  2. Stephanie French
    Stephanie French says:

    When you walk, cycle or drive towards Stoke Lodge playing fields what you see before you, between all the houses, is a beautiful green space edged with, and also containing, several splendid nationally notable trees. How can anyone who has any sense of decency whatsoever contemplate enclosing that with any kind of fence, let alone a 2 metre high close mesh metal one? It is unthinking vandalism. What shocks me the most is that the people contemplating this are responsible for educating children. It is not a good example to set. The community has never said it should not be used as a school playing field. They have only said they want shared use to continue. The untruths that abound have been many. I also worry for the long term health of the trees with posts through their roots.

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