Criminal Conduct Bill

Today, Parliament voted on the Second Reading of the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill. It’s a Bill that needs to pass so our police and secret services can do their jobs, but I also have reservations. It needs proper scrutiny in the House, so strong safeguards and oversights are in place to protect human rights, and ‘blank cheque’ authorisations can’t happen.

In short, the Criminal Conduct Bill gives undercover police and agents limited powers to break the law to maintain their cover. It’s needed to infiltrate and disrupt violent gangs, terrorist groups, child exploitation groups and other criminal groups. In short, the Bill allows undercover agents to commit a less serious crime to prevent an extremely serious crime from happening.

Our police and secret services are already having to do this but, right now, there is no legislation to regulate, guide and scrutinise this reality. Right now, undercover agents are being forced into a grey area without guidance, scrutiny or legislative support.

Security is a top concern for me and the Labour party. I know some people are rightly concerned about how this Bill affects our liberties and power we give undercover agents. My position is that the best way to tackle these concerns is to ensure these authorisations are proportional, limited and transparent. It must not be used to impact the ongoing inquiry into physical and sexual relationships with undercover police officers or used to cover-up retrospective law-breaking.

As I demonstrated with my Private Members Bill on Forensic Science Regulation, our criminal justice system has gaps that need addressing. I’m committed to closing those gaps while ensuring that historic injustices involving our law enforcement and security services have happened, justice is achieved.

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Darren Jones: No Excuse For Exams Fiasco

Writing in his regular Bristol Post column, Darren called on the Government to get a grip on its levelling up agenda and its handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. Ahead of a the most difficult Winter in peacetime, we don’t have the luxury of continued incompetence. The Government must do much better when anticipating and addressing the challenges our country faces. In his column, Darren gave an update on the work being done in Bristol to address the recession and his tour of essential services in Bristol North West.

You can read Darren’s full article below:

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Darren Calls For Net-Zero To Be Put At The Heart Of Our Economy Recovery

Writing in Public Sector Executive, Darren argued that regional and local leaders should be unlocked by Whitehall to implement bespoke economic recovery plans that are net-zero ready. Pitching economic stimulus and environmental policy against each other is a false choice; net-zero policymaking is the best way to recover, grow and future-proof the UK’s economy. We have diverse talent-pool of regional and local leaders that are able to tailor energy policy, green initiatives and recovery packages that work for their geopolitical environment. As demonstrated in this pandemic, one-size-fits-all approaches aren’t effective in the long-term. Instead, we need experts contributing net-zero solutions at all levels of government.

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Darren demands urgent corrective action to resolve the A-Levels crisis.

In support of students in Bristol North West and across the country, Darren has urged the Education Secretary to urgently resolve the A-Level crisis unfolding in Colleges and Sixth Forms across the country. Corrective action needs to be taken now and this mistake cannot be repeated when GSCE results are published this week.

You can read Darren’s letter in full below. If you are a student that has been impacted by this discriminatory algorithm, please contact Darren directly at








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Darren Calls For Customer Protections To Accompany Energy Efficiency Vouchers

Darren wrote to Kwasi Kwarteng MP, the Minister for Business Energy and Green Growth, raising concerns about the lack of costumer protection offered during legacy energy efficiency home improvement programme. For this green growth policy to be effective, steps need to be taken to ensure that quality, professional local providers are not edged out of the market by dodgy traders and that people have recourse to action if something does go wrong.

Commenting on the need for customer protections, Darren said

Improving the energy efficiency of our homes is vital and I welcome Government funding to start this process. But consumers need to know they’re using a trusted trader and that they can complain and get compensation if something goes wrong.


You can read the full letter below:

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