About me.

Hello, I’m Darren Jones.

I was thrilled to be elected as your Member of Parliament (“MP”). Bristol North West is my home – it’s where I was born and grew up. That makes being the local MP extra special.

I was born at Southmead Hospital in the 1980s, and grew up in Lawrence Weston and Shirehampton. After going to Avon Primary and Portway Schools (now Nova and Oasis Brightstowe) I went off to university. I then worked in the NHS for a few years, including at Southmead and Henbury GP surgeries, before going to law school at UWE. Before becoming your MP, I was working as a consumer rights lawyer.

I now get to work with local residents, community groups, businesses, trade unions and our public services to make sure that Bristol North West is the best place to live.

I do that by being your voice in Parliament, and your champion in Bristol. I take that responsibility seriously.

This website is aimed at you. You can keep up-to-date with what I’m working on, keep track of all of the events I’m running across the constituency, and sign up to get more involved. And if you need help with an issue you’re dealing with, you can get in touch about that too.

I look forward to seeing you soon. — Darren Jones MP